What We Offer



The Master Class series is designed to gain insights, learn new skills or hone existing skills in these 90-minute to 4 hours technique classes. All sessions includes warm up, instruction, group photo opportunity, and question & answer session.


Burst into the art of Broadway! This one week all-day program is the place for actors of all caliber

Burst into the art of Broadway! This one week program is the place for actors of all calibers from experienced thespians to those who have only dreamed about exploding onto the stage. Students will explore Broadway history, learn theatrical techniques, hone their performance skills, develop stage presence, and work in an ensemble environment. Our teachers offers a unique expertise in the business of theater between the combined backgrounds of a professional actor with credits performed alongside Tony Award winners and a musical theater program director. This exhilarating fast paced program culminates in a cabaret-style performance comprised of songs ranging from classic to current musicals. Our end-of-session showcase is open to parents, relatives and frien


BSC’s  Musical Theater Winter Immersion offers an exciting curriculum for students with a passion fo

BSC’s  Musical Theater Winter Immersion offers an exciting curriculum for students with a passion for developing their musical theatre skills in dance, voice, and acting. Broadway in Santa Cruz guarantees an inspiring workshop experience with an unmatched caliber of faculty members who are currently working in the theatre industry. 

Program Policies and Notes

  • Student alcohol and drug use is strictly prohibited.
  • Student smoking is strictly prohibited.
  • BSC's receipt of completed application does not guarantee student acceptance into programs.
  • BSC's is not responsible for students who do not attend classes or activites as scheduled. If a student leaves BSC’s premises or supervised activities, BSC is no longer responsible for his or her whereabouts, actions or welfare. BSC is not responsible for students during their free time outside program hours.
  • Students will have very limited free time during programs and are expected to prepare for classes during off time. Out of town students wishing to tour Santa Cruz should plan to do so before or after the week(s) of their Intensive.
  • Parents or guardians must inform BSC of any pre-existing medical conditions of a student. This must be done in writing via a series of online forms. No students will be permitted to begin the programs without medical and insurance information and a parent signature.
  • No refund or make-up classes will be issued for missed classes. No program will be pro-rated if a student is unable to attend any portion of the program.
  • Violation of any BSC Standards and Regulations may result in exclusion from the programs without refund of tuition.
  • Student and/or parent/guardian shall hold BSC and its staff harmless for any injury that may occur.
  • All photographs, video and/or audio recordings of the students by BSC may be used in connection with the promotion, publicity, and marketing of  Broadway in Santa Cruz's Musical Theatre Winter & Summer Intensive programs without permission or compensation to the students.
  • Broadway in Santa Cruz does not discriminate based upon gender, race, ethnicity, or other physical characteristics.
  • If a student misses any portion of a Workshop or Intensive for any reason (industry business, medical emergency, etc.) BSC cannot guarantee final showcase participation, either in full or in part.
  • If a student needs to miss time during a Workshop or Intensive, their parent or guardian (or the student if they are 18 or older) must submit a request via email and receive confirmation of the absence AT LEAST 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE.



For all Broadway in Santa Cruz workshops and intensives, the required fees are strictly non-refundable. However, that amount minus administrative fee is refundable if a written request for cancellation is received by BSC 45 (forty five) days prior to the start of the program. Due to the extensive preparation required for all workshops and intensives, BSC cannot offer refunds for cancellations made within 45 (forty five) days of these programs.  If a student is unable to attend a workshop or intensive, the tuition payment may be credited for future use provided a written request for cancellation is received at least 7 (seven) days prior to the start of a program. If a student cancels 45 days before program for any reason, there will be a $100 administrative fee deducted.

One Day Master Class tuition and applicable fees are strictly non-refundable. If a student is unable to attend a One Day Master Class, the tuition may be credited for future use provided a written request for cancellation is received at least 7 (seven) days prior to the start of the One Day Master Class.

If a student fails to attend any BSC workshop, intensive or One Day Master Class, and does not give 7 (seven) days notice, they must provide one of the following to be eligible to receive a credit: 1.) A doctor’s note citing a serious illness or medical emergency, 2.) Documentation of paid performance employment, 3.) Written proof of unforseen travel issues (snow, cancelled flight, Act of God, etc). If a student is unable to provide one of these items, BSC cannot offer a credit for cancelled enrollment in any program.  Broadway in Santa Cruz reserves the right to cancel any program or class if less than 6 paid students have registered or if external factors might endanger participant safety (severe weather, Act of God, etc). In the rare event that this occurs, BSC will offer a full tuition refund for all participants. BSC schedule and instructors are subject to change without notice.  In the event that a program/class is cancelled, every effort will be made to schedule a make-up class, according to instructor and space availability and students will be notified via email. 

All credits will expire one year from the date on which they are issued. Students who receive a credit for cancelling their enrollment in an intensive, workshop or class,  must use that credit for a similar program (for example: a credit for a cancelled intensive may only be used for another intensive, it may not be used for a One Day Master Class). BSC is under no obligation to allow a credit to be used for a different type of program. Credits are strictly non-transferable.