STYLES AND TECHNIQUES Students will learn all styles required of a professional Broadway performer. Our instructors have had firsthand experience with some of the icons of dance.

CHOREOGRAPHY Original choreography from many of the greatest Broadway musicals are taught in class. Students are given the history and tools of the trade. Classes with original choreography are offered in order to enhance the repertoire of the young performer. 

MOVING STORY Telling a story through movement is an essential part of dance. Moving Story gives each student the opportunity to express themselves and create. This class teaches students how to tell an emotional story through movement. It is the art of connecting how one feels to how they move and conveying their feelings physically and specifically.



ACTING ENSEMBLE Teachers  use practiced techniques and improvisation to create an ensemble of  focused and spatially aware actors. The primary objective is to teach  the young artist how to be aware of everything around oneself while one  is concentrating on his/her performance, thereby enhancing the emotional  and physical atmosphere of the play. 
SCENE TO SONG One  of the most unique aspects of musical theatre is the moment when a  character can no longer speak about what they are feeling, they must now  sing. This is called the "scene to song transition." This delicate  transition is often subtle, however, it can be some of the most  important seconds within an entire show. In that instant, essential  emotional details are openly shared with an audience, causing this small  moment to relay a sense of feelings that are larger than life.



VOCAL TECHNIQUES In Vocal Technique classes, there is a strong focus on learning techniques of healthy singing. Each student is given a personal assessment of what they need to work on and how to be confident in their presentations. 

WARM-UPS AND STYLESThis class teaches ways of learning vocal placement and projection for various styles of singing. 

ACTING A SONG Students learn how to focus on the text of a song, finding the emotional arc, and unveiling the intent of the words. This practice helps to convey the song in a more connected and truthful manner.